Tirade is the easiest and fastest way to get your station sounding great in no time flat. Tirade starts with a massive back catalog of the highest quality sound effects, stagers, short music beds, hits, risers and more. Each week, 35 new image workparts plus drops from movies, TV and the news are added to the catalog. For sports, rock and news/talk clients, Tirade has FULLY PRODUCED image sweepers that update every single day. Your station couldn’t sound fresher when you use Tirade.

Tirade imaging updates come at you 5 days a week with up-to-the-moment timely imaging being provided late-Sunday through Thursday and big batches of new imaging being delivered every Friday morning. You can choose from 3 different delivery methods for Tirade including FTP, .zip file download from Dropbox or join our shared Dropbox folders with Dropbox for Desktop for INSTANT access to everything Tirade including pop-up updates telling you when new material is available. By using the Dropbox for Desktop interface you’ll have drag and drop ability to bring anything you see in Tirade directly into Pro Tools, Audition or any other DAW with a simple click and drag of your mouse. Tirade will have you creating custom sweepers and killer imaging faster than any other library on the market.